Welcome To MITstem International School

Welcome To MITstem International School

We thank you for the interest for visiting MITstem International School. In MITstem, students are prepared to face the challenges ahead of them by creating experts for the future with the latest technology required by the global market.

What should parents know about STEM education & how can it benefit our children?

In a simple term, STEM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Parents are well-aware about STEM subjects being applied in school, university and workplace. However, majority of parents are concern about their child’s ability to learn, cope and excel in STEM subjects at a schooling age.


MITStem International School (Wholly owned by MIT Academy Sdn Bhd) is the 1st Private Technical College awarded by the Ministry of Education offering the Malaysian Technical Diploma Programme for PT3 graduate student for a 4 year Diploma programme.

MIT Academy has been appointed by Omron and Bosch Rexroth as Licensed Training Centers (LTC), Autodesk & Carey Training (Authorized Training Centre (ATC) and Technology Partners for Fanuc Robot and SMC Pneumatic.


As a LTC, ATC and Technology Partners, MITstem is fully equipped with the relevant equipment to teach the students under the Design and Technology Syllabus.

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Our special interview with our MITstem student who is friendly and brave. The video is taken in our Fanuc robotic lab.

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Young Innovators Challenge Malaysia 2019 SAB

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Ms Sue never heard about STEM education before but now realized that it is a marvellous idea for his son because it prepares him for the upcoming digital world. MITstem International School is providing 70% academic focused education and 30% hands on learning. Ms Sue believes that the son will enjoy studying in MITstem International School with support of the workforce in school and the good environment.

MITstem Technology Programme

The Trial Class objective is to train young learners (Age 9 to 17) about Arduino programming, AutoCAD design, and Drone Piloting. it is suitable for beginners who would like to learn more about the latest technology to solve real-life problems. The course will be conducted by our STEM Teachers who are certified and trained by the industry.

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